Job Training Programs

HCDC participates in programs providing On-theā€“Job training for unemployed Georgia residents. As part of the governor's 2012 "Go Build Georgia" campaign, and in cooperation with the Department of Labor, HCDC will provide work experience for aspiring Athenians as part of the "Work Ready" program. This initiative is designed to provide Georgia youth with valuable education and trade skills, and to award them with "Work Ready Certificates" to give them an edge in their job searches. More individuals can be assisted with the collaborative effort of cooperative agencies that support the cause of assisting those on public assistance and empowering them to become productive contributors to the community.

Through a similar program with the Athens Area Council on Aging, HCDC welcomes the wisdom and expertise of older adults who desire to return to the job market. Participants work for 1 year with HCDC and receive training in current computer and job skills.

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