Affordable Housing Services

The Hancock Community Development Corporation (HCDC) is a HUD approved counseling agency. HCDC provides pre- and post-purchase housing counseling to people interested in homeownership. Specifically, HCDC counseling services include: Mortgage Default and Delinquency, Foreclosure Prevention, Tenant, Homebuyer Education, and Budgeting. Mortgage default and delinquency counseling assist and empower individuals experiencing delinquency or foreclosure problems. Foreclosure prevention counseling is designed to help families obtain a loan modification that halts unnecessary foreclosures and helps protect against mortgage scams. Tenant counseling is provided to those experiencing rental delinquency to help avoid eviction. Pre-occupancy services assist in housing selection, review of leases, financial status, and money management. Homebuyer education workshops raise awareness and overall education about the home buying process as well as available services and programs.

HCDC’s Housing Counseling Program provides diverse information and assistance during the home purchasing process. Services for new and prospective homeowners include analyzing income, assisting in resolving credit-problems, determining mortgage and assistance programs based on eligibility, reviewing and assisting with loan documents, assisting the client through the purchasing process, and providing counseling, including rights and responsibilities of homeownership. These services are provided for up to five years.

HCDC’s feature service is the HECM Reverse Mortgage Program, designed to provide counseling to home owners 62 and older who qualify for the federally insured reverse mortgage program. HCDC has four certified reverse mortgage counselors, and with the addition of a counselor from California, we have expanded our services to the Western United States. Our sights are set on further expansion to serve every region in the U.S., and we are currently developing a marketing strategy designed to target certified HECM Reverse Mortgage Counselors from diverse locations.